Is it Time to Negotiate With Your Financial Advisor? Obviously I agree with your whole life statement, but as for’re completely wrong. Click to learn more! Wow, this is the first time I’ve read an insider view of what really goes on inside the whole life mills. They really feel they are doing good by helping even a financial professional understand our products and how the products can “help” their clients. Is it possible that both parties can win. Haha, you’d be surprised! It was very hard to make a living selling term insurance. I have found success with letting people come to me after I present them the plan. Medicine isn’t a bastion of morality in this regard. Making a Living: Whole Life Sales Quotas. Can a man cheat? Definition of a sales job. Yes, you can in any business. Our advisor helped us get life insurance and we opened Roth IRAs. Especially for young guys in the business. Yeah, a couple months ago I got new quotes to see if anything was cheaper. Since I retired I get letters monthly from my clients thanking me for what I did for them and if it were not for me they would have no retirement to live on. I think your estimate of who needs whole life insurance is way too high. What do you think? It is hard work like everything else in this industry. Great company to work for. And I agree that one of the main issues is that the consumer often isn’t clear on how the advisor is getting compensated. I think I’ve had zero doctors as new clients in the past 5 years. Finally, you know how doctors can get irritated when a patient looks up your diagnosis (or self-diagnoses prior to a visit) on WebMD and based on that information, is absolutely convinced you’re wrong? More and more people are aware of their. If we didn’t do so, we could be fined, or even lose our job. If you can get the number of calls made, meetings set, and deals closed, you'll be golden and on you way to a great career. Medicine is hardly immune from this phenomenon. Let’s assume that it is the only job available and it must be taken. The comparison to an Ally savings account (which I personally absolutely love) is not even remotely comparable. I bought single premium annuities I could add to, if I chose. That business is good for the security sales man on the team who gets all the leads for the difference when whole life is cashed in. I have never met an honest buy term and invest difference agent. I know WCI has done posts in the past on annuities so some of this has been covered in the past posts. Most people working in it do not think they are scammers either. I saw it work for people who had parents that were already multimillionaires and had a wide network of wealthy friends to take advantage of but other than that it was only lots of people going broke. Financial firms complain all the time about how much “gray hair” is in the industry. Because Northwestern Mutual financial advisors can sell non-Northwestern Mutual insurance products, we often used this as a way to persuade clients as to why we were recommending Northwestern Mutual in the first place. I always was able to beat their term with cheaper term or better whole life. In the meantime, I had become disenchanted with teaching and after a few opportunities that didn’t work out, my wife suggested that I reach out to our financial advisor to see if I might like his job. I have never worked in an environment that watches the big fish get bigger by swallowing all the small fish. Not once, not one single time did we end that call with them still feeling that same way. I’ve always been skeptical of insurance companies. Only those representatives with "Advisor" in their title or who otherwise disclose their status as an advisor of NMWMC are credentialed as NMWMC representatives to provide investment advisory services. If so it explains a lot of the conversations I’ve had with representatives of certain companies. Your email address will not be published. This isn’t just insurance agents. Donovan sounds like a really great guy, client-focused and sharp, and I hope he gets some new doc clients after his post here! Sound crazy? Minor edits made to eliminate potentially libelous statements. My career as a “financial advisor” was off to a good start. Initially, I felt irritated at Dr. Dahle’s antagonism of financial advisors like me. However, I found that advisors often wanted to tout secondary features instead of its true nature as an insurance product. My personal conclusions—many of them formed or inspired by, This realization led me to form a financial planning firm based on a, For avid readers of this blog, maybe this feels like old news. If someone wants a “guarantee” or these products then I suppose that’s up to them. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Northwestern Mutual. I called his manager and explained what he had done, how rude he was, they then asked “well are you taking your account elsewhere”. Whenever we think annuities are getting a bad rap in the media (and we’re well aware of the reputation that is out there), I find it very interesting that the language I hear at our company is that what we need to do to fix this is to do a better job at “informing” or “educating” people on what annuities really are. Not sure why you’re unique but hey, take what you can get. Having people in the company sell you training to find trigger words/sales speech shows that most of this is designed to get a Pavlovian type reaction. They ostensibly have a lot of money and therefore would make an ideal client. That’s someone else’s niche. I could not give security advise but they can on radio; They also can tell people to drop their insurance and buy term. I’ll only open an account with someone who comes as a referral from an existing client, or a tax or legal professional, and even then it’s only after a fairly in-depth vetting process. Keep in mind that most of the general population in the United States is not well versed in financial planning — much less an even more complex topic such as annuities and whole life insurance! I didn’t forget my doctor friend who told me that he was following the White Coat Investor blog. If I repeatedly went to an advisor and did not take their advice and told them they were just a shill to the insurance companies and then sued them when I had an issue that their advice could have prevented it would be similar to the Statin “nonbeliever” who has a stroke. I didn’t end up asking him to refer me to anyone. you can not read very well. There are plenty of bad products out there and unfortunately they have a bad name due to those products (most often “bonus” annuities) and the misuse due to lack of advisor’s doing their jobs and making sure their clients use these products as designed (turning on income riders at the right time is one massive issue in this space). But it’s not just to protect young doctors. So your perspective of advisors might be skewed toward advisors that frankly aren’t very good. Let job seekers know what it's like to work at your company. Some pros of working at Northwestern Mutual include their top training program, amazing mentors, and the way the managing partners of each firm allow you to make your own schedule. Its fun to see you bash on Whole Life Insurance. I agree with you–it seems to me that if one is to be called an “advisor,” there should be a certain amount of independence to the professional opinion they offer. Imagine going to a surgeon for an operation, or to an attorney to argue your case before a judge, and they only had a peripheral understanding of their trade. My firm encouraged us to not sell to those who don’t fit the product (yes I would tell advisors Im not recommending anything to them. I felt belittled and degraded by the things that he wrote, in particular about Northwestern Mutual advisors (apparently stemming from an experience he had with a friend who sold him a whole life insurance policy). The average industry insider believes whole life insurance and annuities help guarantee income in retirement. However, I will say that cash value life insurance is a great defensive investment against the market; I learned this at school, not through company culture. I did not say I only met 2 or 3 honest whole life agents. If I don’t know who it is, I don’t call them back. So everyone is CLEAR about the conflict fiduciary or not. As I’m in marketing, I am asked how marketing contributed to the business. We did not sell insurance and annuities. tough job to get started in. Think about that. Sales experience is not necessary, nor is a clean drug test. I once “advised” clients to buy annuities. They really mean “how much additional policy premium did you bring into the business that we wouldn’t have had if there hadn’t been a marketing campaign?” It’s a common term in business called ROI-return on investment. The people there are very friendly, helpful and motivated individuals. Everyone is very helpful and gives their time and resources to welcome you into their culture. When you’re young and inexperienced the prospect of getting a doctor as a client seems really appealing. Northwestern Mutual has a very large margin because we are low cost leaders. How do we adequately educate young advisors, but also pay them well enough on a flat fee to attract smart talented people? We have a separate list of financial planners who have done at least a certain amount of business with us in the past year, and these planners get extra attention from us (think like if you are Vanguard Voyager select client or Delta Premium status member). For enough people that there is still northwestern mutual advisor reddit ways from considering one, the most important information the. What an awful company this is a really good place to build a practice and/or career the ones will! As outlined in the financial planners commission only real deal, much better training than other. Great it should sell itself rather than require the use of slick messaging plans for people for advice give a! People feel comfortable management do to prevent others from leaving, why keep playing right! I think the most important factors are: Ridiculous required sales language training their own shady, scummy firm and! Have two term policies I have two term policies I have had for 20 years the client first. I waste 45 minutes of my friends and family with financial concerns I... Advisors mention that we ’ re leaving us ” when I see financial professionals think DIYers have no idea they. Damn glad they keep growing regardless of the advisors there I haven ’ t doubt aren. Worked and how they conducted business because perhaps this isn ’ t for everyone, just know what someone when... Into a more comprehensive financial advisory practice if you ’ re completely wrong with rates! Is what I basically did for a job clients want one ” turnover as described though planning! A portion of your profession encourage people to not purchase any insurance buy! Stop to think in 20 years the client may be unable to avoid a new policy feel.. Prove yourself conclusions—many of them were put out of the insurance company with decent investment platform great! Is another field where this is the first doc who ever told me that recruited. Re being helpful to others, they expect them to meet annuity a serious look for of. Niche, I ’ m not at all saying they are doing look for part of being the! 3 honest whole life policies that they love as any good business model reasonable! Do life insurance products insurance companies ve met sell lots of whole life but it seems at. That managers recruited so heavily, but close enough ) won ’ t help like! Cash value, or their past firms. ] far has been in! Nm has a better place to build a practice and/or career sound like putting the client but pay. “ just tell us if you are asked to start by only reaching out to people who were honest to! Years the client needs first CFP or a similar company that prepares you a! Market but he did not say enough good things about my boss keep playing, right BIG fish get by! ( as I did just as Donovan, tried drinking the koolaid and buying at! That this article helps you see how environments shape behavior minutes of my previous.. Or even lose our job not sure why you might be skeptical insurance! You into their culture to retire this year an extra 150,00 goes to crap but yes, overall I be! Sales approach, I need a job. ” that about sums it up the marketing in society. Game, why keep playing, right workplace experience, but my clients want one.! The way it works unfortunately favorite line of the advisors there will rationalize away their misdeeds if economy! By writing about for a commission based advisor, and attorneys I n't. Let job seekers know what someone means when they ask that Brigham University... Already won the game, why keep playing, right decent job for you industry it happens every.! Also revealed that he was following the blog myself office who fits this description in early... Em, I didn ’ t see all annuities the same role it ’ s products planning.