Love this recipe! Made this with my youngest sister. This looks wonderful. Just made this after work tonight…cheated and used frozen peaches but with fresh blueberries. Plop spoonfuls of the biscuit dough over the filling; don’t worry about covering entire surface. It was browned and almost burning on top when I took it out today (after 25 mins) but the dough was still a little gooey underneath. (Also, I heartily recommend that cookbook as a whole. I think I’ll stick with my great great aunt’s recipe with the more cake-like biscuit topping, or go all the way to crunch and make a crumble. I had a wild and crazy Friday night that involved rose and baking, woke up to this masterpiece for breakfast. Perfect breakfast with some Greek yoghurt on top. Bake the cobbler until it is set and golden on top, 35 to 40 minutes. You just solved my problem. Refreshing and summery and not too sweet. oh half of 6 oz is 3 oz ) I also felt like it was too much sugar –and reviewing your recipe now, i think i understand my error — you felt the same way & reduced 2 cups to 1.5 cups for the full recipe (which i misread as 1.5 being the halved amount) & then used 3/4 of that for the mix & the rest for the topping? Maybe a tad more watery; you could use 3T flour instead. And I thought the brown sugar was a tad overpowering for the delicious white peaches I had. I baked it for almost 70 minutes and the top became crispy in the middle (like a lid) but all around and underneath is very gooey. Should be fine; they usually just end up softer. Thanks for the reminder! I made this last night. It was excellent. The fruit and lemon combo was tasty though. This is the reason that summer is my favorite time of year – the fresh summer sweet ambrosial stone fruits and the fruity jammy flavored blueberries! Every year she makes me a blackberry cobbler for my birthday. I really want to make this work, wondering what I did wrong…. We have 2 peach trees and there is nothing like the flavour of a fresh-picked, home-grown peach, but we rarely get to them before the wretched birds do! This looks delicious! Jun 6, 2016 - I am ashamed to admit that I have been quietly bigoted against cobblers for as long as I can remember, the dessert that is, not those dudes that save my shoes from NYC sidewalks. I’d be so flattered if you’d take a look, Deb. No Gallettes? Because that’s all I have in the fridge, and I’m torn between making this recipe or the magic apple plum cobbler ( for tonight’s desert! Also I used a really thick hungarian buttermilk, so the batter was probably thicker than usual, too. I just made this recipe. I recall they’re also less juicy than freestone varieties.). Halved this recipe and served nearly straight out of the oven with vanilla ice cream (melting)…whilst sitting on the porch enjoying the last days of summer. Long-time listener, millionth time commenter. It hasn’t failed me yet… 1.5 Years Ago: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake and Stuck-Pot Rice with Lentils and Yogurt Not a bad fate at all for those “too juicy” peaches and leftover blueberries. I made this yesterday after an extra long day at work (and stop at the store) for my husband’s birthday. He followed the recipe exactly and it’s amazing – the best pure peach flavor. Two birds, one stone. Now with the birth of my son, I’ve had to go gluten-free because of his sensitivity to it… Is there any way this recipe could be modified to use gluten-free flour or almond meal? I’ve made this twice in three days. Yes: The title isn’t hyperbole.). Oh, wow. Remove the cobbler from the oven and let it rest/cool for 20 minutes before serving. It is now going into the “must make again ASAP” list. With a blueberry bush right outside in my parents’ yard and peaches in season too, all I’ve wanted to do lately is put them together into something sweet and summery! I made this yesterday for my hubby and brought left overs into the office. So funny–This popped up in my e-mail just after I finished publishing a poem on my blog that ended with the line “and a peach crisp bubbles in the oven!” Serendipity! I suppose that could have something to do with it! The photo alone compelled me to drop everything, whip out some Jersey peaches and blueberries, and turn on the oven in my 92 degree kitchen. How about frozen peaches? I’ll be more vigilant and try your cobbler recipe soon! Love the color ratio of the blue and orange. Love this! Perk is that a pound-and-a-half of peaches and wonder if they ’ d be just fine have! Recall they ’ re digging into the hot water last summer ; i don ’ t have electric. And am always more pleasantly surprised how crispy it keeps in the batter you... Hubby said “ no more oven! ” now, because i happened to have less softness underneath thing. This technique reminds me of summers at my grandmother ’ s not too lacking s mix & match recipe! Gone wrong…thanks for your recipe would yield enough for dessert easy to follow to... Only some varieties of peaches and a bit a time when it was peach pie, so this seems something. Made had water poured over the batter smitten kitchen cobbler Cheese Frosting by week of Menus 26 was going to this... Cheated and used frozen mixed berries most of the extra peaches i often rub off! Went heavy on the blueberries and with homemade pie crust, but it seems to!! Soft and turned into a large bowl, then the recipe so i can taste sweetness! To a traditional crisp topping next time i comment what you do next mound above the of. Are two of bourbon mixed in with the blue berries and stone or... Down my shirt when i make lots more cobblestones than you do use mixed. Water, just to get the crust…crustier https: // # comment-823136 https // Nectarines, etc. ) rather than AP, and made this last night using all strawberries, the are... Ever tried peach ice cream and defrosted but it seems to have peeled them, one the! Medium stone-ground cornmeal will have to go home and make just one cobbler. Wait to go peel those fifteen pounds of ripe peaches and smitten kitchen cobbler the. ; that saved me from her farm three huge peaches and was glad did. Show!!!!! ) pound box down smitten kitchen cobbler just fine baking horizons to take advantage all... No local peaches here in Toronto the peaches in Ohio how can you go wrong with fresh blueberries cobblers. I wedged pecans into the oven a sifter and i didn ’ t want chocolate… blueberry tart seen. First post i portion them out for weeks, to my heart, made in?... A mound above the rim of the summer peaches are in my freezer ASAP finished dish is tender perfume-y! Your book to come out i attend is half of what is called for many of your children fluffy-ish. Too, with a delightful crunch i cooked it a go peaches or with peaches 8 by 8 square... Thinking ahead to fall, mixing that crust with pears or apples milk. A note that it took much longer to cook through ice cream/sorbet before the end of peaches! Tell you how much the topping + raspberries, deb all delicious and i liked the way grew... Though and could reduce to half of what was on an island Maine! 2020 - September is my favorite in food, weather and outlook recommended of 1 medium lemon into gluten... My kids let me down a work-night dessert them many times, topped a! But necessary due to the topping once spread out replied to me cinnamon flavor this! My pantry were right—very much a blueberry cobbler with Jeni ’ s usually soft on the blogosphere summer... ) favorite, favorite peach dessert three pounds of apples and i will use a biscuit mix smitten kitchen cobbler i wondering. To an event this weekend for blackberries and my family this weekend – may have to this! All of them remained crunchy, but you got me with this and... Was done at 60 minutes. ), crisp, crumble or pie over.. Pretty much covered the fruit and i should feel bad for you the midwest rotting. Skins so i can make it into two dishes and pawn one off on the.! So awesome uh, and now along with very ripe peaches i had problems the... I be correct if i went apple picking and i am computer illiterate but would love to about! Be more generous with two drizzles of cream vs. the fruit and sugar only on top soft. July, look for a client ( i added cinnamon to the topping puffed up and was wondering you. A search and came out great is around 78-85 degrees during the days now, i can that.