A. Permit for a Stage of Construction (Partial Building Permit) 3.2.3. Project Information Occupancy Permit — Certain Buildings of Residential Occupancy (4) The chief building official or a person designated by the chief building official shall issue a permit authorizing occupation of … The Ontario Building Code | Occupancy Classification Ignis Solutions has developed partial occupancy plans to assist building owners, contractors, and project teams with the identification of key building features and systems that need to be operational to permit partial occupancy. Ontario Building Code requirements for occupancy of an unfinished building; Partial Interim Occupancy Permits: Shall be issued for the use of a part of a building (wing, floor or defined area) pending the completion of construction of the remaining construction area. Change of Use, Partial Occupancy & Transfer of Permit This form is authorized under section 8(1.1) of the Building Code Act Updated: August 2019 City of Niagara Falls - Building Services 4310 Queen Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6X5 Phone: 905 356 7521 Fax: 905 374 7500 Web: www.niagarafalls.ca A. 3.2.6. Table (1) An amount equal to 10% of the building permit fee for each phase of construction. An Occupancy Permit or Partial Occupancy Permit indicates compliance with the Ontario Building Code. This term originates in the Ontario Building Code as excerpted below: Partial permit fees are non-refundable. 4. Once a part of the project is complete, the developer has the right to apply for a partial occupancy certificate (POC) with the local authority. Minimum fee in accordance with Item 1 of this table. partial occupancy plans More about our services… The National Construction Code of Australia via performance based design as well as the Ontario Building Code permits staged building occupancy in large buildings provided sufficient fire safety measures are implemented. which a permit is to be issued or refused •Exception for smaller residential buildings does not apply to retirement homes •Retirement homes do not qualify for partial occupancy General Review and Permit Requirements 21 Furthermore, it is not an occupancy permit pursuant to Section 11 of the Building Code Act and does not give permission to construct or occupy a building or structure. Conditional Building Permit. Forming Part of Sentence Occupancy Classification (1) Everybuilding or part of it shall be classified according to its major occupancy as belonging to one of the groups or divisions described in Table PARTIAL OCCUPANCY PERMIT APPLICATION Building Department 350 City Hall West 2nd Floor Windsor, Ontario N9A 6S1 TEL: 519-255-6267 EMAIL: buildingdept@citywindsor.ca 2018 Ver.1.0 Page 1 of 1 For use by Principal Authority Application number: Permit number (if different): Date received: Roll number: A. For example, if a realtor is building a large housing project that involves construction of, say, eight towers, he could apply for a POC as soon as the work on the first tower is complete. A Zoning Certificate does not ensure compliance with all applicable zoning regulations, such as minimum yard or setback requirements, and floor area and height restrictions. Maximum fee is $500. Project information Occupancy Classifications. Change of Use, Partial Occupancy and Transfer of Permit Application; Conditional Permit Supplemental Data; Liquor Licence Application Form; ... Ontario Building Code.