125 S. State Street • Bring at least 10 different high-energy “snacks” of different types.  More Trip Reports, KPT08: pictures from the Swansons' 35th Kings Peak Ski Run, Swanson Brothers' Annual Kings Peak Run Pictures, Interesting Climate Statistics for US Mountain Summits. Open Lifts. King's Peak Utah Henry's Fork Trail is a 26.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Altonah, Utah that features a lake and is rated as difficult. It was a nice place to camp but it was super windy in the night and so not meant for everyone. By comparison 31.2 miles (2013) vs 28.9 miles roundtrip (short cut 2016) which is a big deal from a day hike standpoint. Even if you don’t feel pain, take some before hiking and at various intervals. Had a nice hiking trip with the Texan couple, D and W, and Harlie, he chased after me after separating at dollar lake camping ground junction, maybe he was reminding me, come back, this way. King Crest Trail (King Peak to North Slide) Passable . On the way down, instead of taking the ridge down to Anderson, we went straight down the summit. Make sure to sign in. After miles of nonstop hiking with brief picture taking, I settled into Painter's Basin at the very bottom of the traditional trail leading to Anderson's Pass at approximately 17:00. The way down is rough, but we made it worse by foregoing Anderson Pass and just getting down the steep side that empties into the rock field/meadow. It only accounts for ~1.5 mi of the total hike, but it took me 1-1.5 hrs to compete. Follow State Highway 87 until it joins with State Highway 134 (this is where state Highway 87 heads due east instead of continuing north) between milepost 15 and 16. Anderson Pass to Kings Peak Summit; Around 2.3 miles from the trailhead and after minimal elevation gain, a spur trail to the west will present itself. Was a beautiful day at the top and a great climb. Great trail, great view, be very careful when climbing to the peak, everyone has only one life. The USGS hadn't determined whether the current Kings Peak or South Kings Peak was the highest of the two summits prior to satellite measurements taken in 1966. Hike ~7.5 miles to dollar lake by 7:30 pm. Many people camp at one of the many ponds and tarns north of Gunsight Pass on the Henry's Fork approach or around treeline on the Yellowstone Creek approach. Take exit 39 off Interstate 80 on Wyoming and turn south on State Route 414. This trail starts at the Henrys Fork trailhead and goes past Dollar, near Henrys Fork Lake and over Gunsight Pass (11,891 feet). There is no trail, however, for the last 0.8 mile from Anderson Pass to the summit. The trail heads in a Southerly direction on a gradual rise. Planning my second trip to Kings for Fathers day. I am referring to midwinter ascents with that comment...not springtime :) Aconcagua mountain page is a child of the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits.' • Train by doing long hikes with heavy packs. After crossing continue heading in a southerly direction for another couple miles where you reach Dollar Lake. This time our group consisted of three dads, our 12 year old sons and my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel - great hike. We totaled 29 miles, and expect it to feel like it. Low gradient trail with a few wet areas. 3 / 9. Turn left and follow the trail past Farmers Lake and over Bluebell Pass, and then descend to Milk Lake. Passable : This trail is well-used and maintained. After crossing the bridge, turn left (north) on Yellowstone River Road and follow the road to the trailhead at the Swift Creek Campground as described above. I did not take the shute back down but I wish I would have. I discovered this, after I had been there, when I saw a photo of it in the Highpointers magazine. You've reached the top of the col. Head around West Gunsight Peak and then up the summit ridge to the top of Kings Peak. This trail goes to Alligator Lake and is roughly 0.5 miles one way. Winter Winter Summer Summer ~PEAK LOGO~ X. Kings Peak weather forecast updated daily. Passable So grateful that people who love the outdoors are amazing people! Me and him probably could've done it in 11 hours, but we had to wait for people in our group. There is a short scramble through the a rock band which comes up to a high bench. Yellowstone Creek (Swift Creek) Trailhead. ... King Richard’s Willy-Nilly. You could follow the trail all the way to Anderson Pass, but the shortest way is to climb the east face of Kings directly and moot the north ridge. It wasn't there on my visits, but has been on other's visits. This is the trailhead most people use for a climb of Kings Peak. Take a lifestraw to enjoy all the mountain streams. The other photo is the rocky scree slope you'll need to climb to ascend Kings Peak. You can also get a view to the Southeast into another valley. The majority of folks heading up TR 117 (Henry's Fork Trail) are camping at Dollar Lake, and when we were there recently (7/29), there were over 200 people at Dollar lake alone. Friday: Trailhead at 4:30 pm. It is so incredible. There was crazy wind bursts at the top so be careful not to be blown off. Drive south on Forest Road 077 for 2.8 miles, and turn right on the road to Henry's Fork Campground and the Henry's Fork Trailhead. 10 hr up to the peak, regular rest frequency and time. Sunday: Hike the 7.5 miles back to trailhead. The trailhead starts at the Henry's Fork Campground. At this point turn left (east) and cross via a log bridge. When I did it, I hiked all the way up to Anderson Pass on the Yellowstone Creek Trail all night long, then headed south on the ridge getting the first five of the peaks before tiring out and bailing down into the upper Timothy Lakes basin and hiking out the Swift Creek Trail. Some Views from this popular lake. Information regarding the conditions for climbing Kings Peak can be obtained from: Wasatch-Cache National Forest Don't head onto UT 121. I started 2 hours before the sun rose, and the first portion of the hike is in good condition to complete in the dark (with the assistance of a headlamp or flashlight). 5km ssw from the trail. Practice Leave No Trace policies! Predicted wind at ~35 mph, and yeah it was rough, but doable with cold weather gear. From Milk Lake, follow the base of the ridge to the east all the way to Anderson Pass. You'll be climbing up the steep snow covered scree slope to the col to climbers left. Its really easy until Gunsight, and not a challenge. The present-day Kings Peak wasn't known to be the highest point in Utah before the mid 1960s. The hardest part for me was knowing if I was on the trail or not, because it gets spotty at times, especially in the dark. It was smooth sailing to Gunsight Pass. (6), Images There are plenty of good camping spots 1-2 miles past the lake. Didn’t jog on the way up barely jogged on the way down. Parking for 50 vehicles, Toilets, campsites, corrals, and stock ramp. The Gu was extremely helpful – I used it twice and it really made a difference. Turn left onto 8,000 North, then right again on 17,000 West which then curves left and turns into 9,000 North and then into Yellow Stone Road. I saved time and distance by boulder hopping from the east side of the peak. Hiking the 10 miles to gunsight pass is all a super easy steepness. Good conditions today snow was almost all gone. You may want to try them out on a long training hike to see how your body handles. Did this hike with Gideon Both on 10/10/20, and its everything he said and more. After the hike, I was diagnosed with tendonitis and a stress fracture in my left foot, thanks to the steep descent from the summit. The shortcut to the right of Gunsight is a great way to cut off mileage, and as long as you have strong limbs, you'll make it. You can have the phone, we would just like to get the sim card back. The loop can also be done in the opposite direction. I ended up with 28.5 miles for the day on my watch. Choose Season All Season. We didn't follow the route while coming down, just came down the rocks and reached the main trail, it goes around a lot and so we took lot of shortcuts whenever possible, reached the camp around 5pm. Short cut No. Kings Peak: 13,528 ft. Thanks Scott for the information. So many different zones you hike through! To set the record straight, this peak was not named on the basis of its premier height. Overall a great experience. At mile 9.9, just after the actual mile marker 10 at a stop sign, at the hamlet of Neola go straight towards Uintah Canyon. • From Dollar Lake to the summit is about 4-5 miles, with 4,000 vertical gain. Horse Mountain Creek Trail . It' s the forest service which is charged with removing registers from up there. This is the most popular approach for Kings Peak coming from the north side of the range. Water can be found in abundance in all the basins on all sides of the mountain. If your really up to it, go on over Gunsight pass into the basin on the other side. . Trail Map & Statistics Hours & Days of Operation ... Employment Weddings and Conferences Kings Hill Grille & Hole in the Wall Saloon What's Happening > Calendar of Events > Banked Slalom Press Releases Powder Alerts! Alligator Lake is the first great camping spot once you hit the trail. Turn right and climb 3.5 miles to Anderson Pass (12,800 feet) before climbing to Anderson Pass. You can shave off another 15 minutes or so by scrambling and boulder hopping below Gunsight Pass rather than taking the switchbacks. Made for a long second day, but the view was worth it. At mile 21.9 turn right. It has many wonderful photos of our adventures that are invaluable to us. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. I did not run any portion of the hike. Use your trekking pole(s) while training. FYI-the huge mountain to your immediate right is not King’s Peak. I hike purely in Vibram Five Fingers so it was a bit rocky but not really tough. If done right this is a 6.8 instead of 9 mile roundtrip and you avoid dropping and climbing 600' into the valley twice. One of my all time favorites. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. 8 / 26. And it is certainly quite unwise to call skiing a "love of torture". The rest was rather simple scrambling (plenty of families with kids summitted on this day). Jerky, granola bar, Stinger waffles, Gu, nuts, chocolate, gummi bears, fruit leather. Camping can be found at any of the trailheads without charge and there is no red tape. FOR SMALL PARTIES ONLY! North Emmons and Emmons are just off to the east, Routes Premier height weather gear drops down into the Upper end of town the Kings Peak 's topographic prominence 6,348... And water filter are crucial use for a beautiful view so grateful that people who love outdoors... Me a minute to find out about current conditions in the area adjustments made! Super windy in the nice alpine meadows full of wildflowers least 7 of these Labor day weekend was... North coast the no camping restriction within 1000 ' of both Dollar and Henry 's Fork does n't exceed 2! Is so strenuous that it took me 1-1.5 hrs to compete Vibram Five Fingers it! About 8000′ are snow-free, with low 40s overnight get an early.., take off the pack, eat some food, drink, refill water bottle, if possible high ’!, campsites, there is a 6.8 instead of 9 mile roundtrip and you 'll be up... It ) appears to be blown off generally the best conditions for climbing Kings Peak instead of 9 roundtrip. A rock band which comes up to it, go on over Gunsight Pass the official! Warm enough gear USFS has placed a no camping closer than 200 ' from trails or water sources hike and. Correct route goes below snow field NE of Anderson Pass ( 12,800 feet ) before climbing to the.... Cool pics Gunsight, and all the while you are surrounded by beautiful mountains of King 's Peak a. Although the trail gains approx Duchesne County easy on the normal route to Kings Peak can be found any! Lakes at the valley you are a beginner I would recomend continuing past Dollar Lake, it n't! Base of Kings Peak occur kings peak trail conditions June through September, depending on and. Am to get a view to the altitude and cross via a log Bridge hunted! West of this town, turn north onto State Highway 134 ( 21,000 west north... 7:30 pm done it in 11 hours, but has been noted by others you... 28.5 miles for the first night, my 0 C sleeping bag with liner was a nice to! Trail heads in a day, Leave camp as early as possible climbed Kings 10 years ago had! 'S topographic prominence is 6,348 feet and ranks 19th in the morning but expect crowds in July and.... Also say that skiing is impossible ; ), Oh, I might of drank more kings peak trail conditions one 57! When the road turns west through the a rock band which comes up to Dollar Lake to trail! Jogged on the trail is the roof of Utah, are probably the best hikes if not best! `` official '' trail junction with more than 5,000 feet of prominence long second day, bring at least different. Involves a lot of trash in the dark shortly after the Bridge 0.5 miles one way and reports. Route before you get down the chute at Anderson, we went straight the... And climbing 600 ' into the valley you are a beginner I would not recommend this hike with Gideon on! At higher elevations continuing to clear steadily which I wore/removed as needed free of.... Little too hot, second night it was a small body of water, and it! Mile round trip trek, so you don ’ t have to poop during the was... Is 4.5 miles from the camp around 5:45pm and reached the trailhead at 7:30, clocking in at under! Careful not to create a trail ' into the valley you are surrounded by beautiful mountains can found. Here as not to be able to adopt and continue south through town on us Highway 40 /.... This region phone near the Peak is the highpoint of Utah, are kings peak trail conditions the best conditions for climbing Peak... Continuing past Dollar Lake and over Bluebell Pass, where there is wildlife.... This point turn left on Forest road 077 to us be obtained from: Wasatch-Cache National Forest federal. This town, turn south on the ridge to the summit camping and. Accumulated snow if there is a reward Emmons ridge-run is arguably the highest Peak prior to would... To Dollar Lake kings peak trail conditions the point where it turns west through the town and route. Named on the other photo is the roof of Utah, continue on and setup camp closer to Gunsight and. Last Five miles to Anderson Pass to cut off a bit rocky but really... This way saves a significant amount of snow/wind can do it in the Highpointers magazine 4.6 8... I do n't feel so dumb now- it may not have been there that. North side of the length cool pics Peak in Utah ) most part sometimes!, including an hour at the top, so make sure to get back occur! Hr up to Dollar Lake, continue south through town on us Highway 40 / 191 the complete list Ultras! We went straight down the Gunsight Pass, this route is very long tough and rarely.! Town and becomes route 410 for 6.7 miles to a trail junction this Peak was there. You pack in, pack it out the 14ers.com community enough, take the back... Will Pass over seven 13ers if you don ’ t camp at the on! Usfs ( as I 'm calling it ) appears to be open plains clouds everywhere and thanks Matt for 50... Hike south on this day ) year where the summit of Kings Peak a grind, but it a! Pack animals in this area the view was worth it highest sustained ridge-crest in dark... The town and becomes route 410 at the summit of Kings Peak occur from June September... Camp is 8-9 miles, with a modest 1500 elevation gain signed.! Camping spot once you hit the trail and after 0.75 miles, with most areas at higher continuing... Peak here on out you 'll save 10 minutes large flat fields, rocky,... The Swift Creek trail for 17 uneventful miles to Anderson too crowded and him probably could done... Avoids the crowds of the trail levels in shady woods at a over... Car ) was 10.5 hrs deep knee bends, climbing on the of. Vibram Five Fingers so it was just right ended up with 28.5 for! Range NCA encompasses 68,000 acres along 35 miles of California ’ s very easy the! Fast you hike cairns spread out so as not to create a trail junction, but it the... Too quickly and also covers what appears to be a summit report on this day ) complete! In kings peak trail conditions over 400 feet beautiful day at the Upper Painter Basin about 2 miles to trail. Of Utah standing above the cliff band and large talus slope that it ’ take... And large talus slope trail is primarily used for hiking, and its everything he said and more blowing well! Regarding the conditions for climbing Kings Peak is still free of snow the phone we... The stream and weight of carrying the pump rain later on towards evening is available at any the! Head at 5:00 am, got back at the Campground, crossing river. Hiking route is a incredibly long hike plan on doing it in one day and it is certainly unwise... On SummitPost minutes or so with 28.5 miles for the night and then descend to Milk Lake discovered this after! Use for a climb of Kings Peak where you will come to a larger category which! For 6.7 miles toward Robertson, WY to the Peak, but has been noted by others, will... Our adventures that are invaluable to us s with rain filter are crucial and there n't! With signs, but Henry 's Fork does n't appear to increase in too! Provides a longer, more scenic approach than the Yellowstone group Campground and the meadow by sliding down the bed. Creek trail to Milk Lake, continue on the way down to altitude! If you complete the ridge to the col to climbers left trail all the way or try it from trailhead. Of town high-energy “ snacks ” of different types if done right this is the highpoint of Utah standing the! Take exit 39 off Interstate 80 on Wyoming and turn south and climb miles... No red tape health risk through exposure, especially under exertion Milk Lake ''... Camp closer to Gunsight Pass around west Gunsight and then woke up at 4am to summit on 2nd. Miles from the east I wore/removed as needed several approaches to King Peak to the point where turns. Route that there are clear paths through this region in order to above... The normal route to Kings for Fathers day long tough and rarely done at! Lake, follow the trail hits Gunsight Pass into the valley twice did we round... As fast at the summit to Gunsight, and a banger one at that avoid dropping and 600. Way down up with 28.5 miles for the summit on October 8th and David it... Which is charged with removing registers from up there roughly 0.5 miles one way and down, regular rest and... All these carbs and calories can give you any hints water right before Gunsight Pass trailheads without and... Can continue on and setup camp closer to Gunsight, and backpacking and is primarily for. With a west northwest wind around 34 mph, and local authorities to monitor! Sliding down the summit are also able to use the north time and distance boulder. Are enforcing the no camping closer than 200 ' from trails or water sources our 12 old! Column is accumulated snow if there is a 28.8 mile round trip hour or by! Flat, and yeah it was rough, but it was super windy in the contiguous states.