Saturday, November 29, 2014. The weapons that can be used for hunting season in California include archery, center fire riffles, muzzleloaders, pistols, shotguns, revolvers, and crossbows. Volunteer to be a hunter education instructor and help pass on California’s hunting tradition to the next generation. Beginning July 1, 2019, nonlead ammunition will be required when taking any wildlife with a firearm anywhere in California. DATES VARY BY ZONE & HUNT. [CDATA[ Season Dates. Tag Quota. Each Club member is screened and background checked and the ranches are posted and patrolled. Types. For successful hunters, the report must be made within 30 days of harvesting a deer or by January 31, whichever date is first. American Coot and Common Moorhen: Concurrent with duck season(s) Daily bag limit: 25, either all of one species or a mixture of these species. (1) Statewide Provisions (A) Species (B) Season (C) Daily Bag and Possession Limits. 9/12 – 9/23. Everything you need to know about coronavirus, including the latest news, how it is impacting our lives, and how to prepare and protect yourself. 9/5 – 9/16. Photo by Josh Schulgen. 10/13 – 10/28. California Hunting CCR T14-360. If you thought California was just beaches and sunny city strips, you’re in for a surprise. Deer. Pig Hunting in California. Types. For more information on hunting zones, visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website. // ]]> **Season dates vary by zone. A law passed in the 2015-2016 season that required EVERY purchaser of a deer tag (s) to report their harvest, even if they were unsuccessful, or if they did not hunt. California is a state with many hunting experiences available. SOME SEASONS OPEN AS EARLY AS AUG 8, 2020 AND SOME CLOSE AS LATE AS DEC 31, 2020. If you’re looking for a hunting adventure with beautiful views, scenic California has woods to get “lost” in. Bear Hunting California Hunting. 1. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. CDFW is excited to be hosting the WAFWA 14th Biennial Deer and Elk Workshop in May 2021. 1. This year’s season for mourning dove, white-winged dove, spotted dove and ringed turtle dove will run from Tuesday, Sept. 1 through Tuesday, Sept. 15 statewide, followed by a second hunt period, Saturday, Nov. 14 through Monday, Dec. 28. We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. ... Read More→ But you can hunt Eurasian collared-doves year-round, and there’s no bag limit. NEW: 2020 CDFW Wildlife Area Operational Changes due to COVID-19 California Hunting. There is no limit on the number of wild pig tags one person may purchase; however, tag fees are nonrefundable, and tags cannot be transferred from one person to another. Deer, duck, turkey, big game, small game, furbearer, waterfowl, more. These kills were a vital part of July and if you find a good climbing tree stand for a wide berth. The Department plans to operate wildlife areas and refuges to provide recreational opportunities for the upcoming waterfowl season while keeping hunters and department staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fish and Wildlife Service sets science-based frameworks based on waterfowl population and other data, with guidance from councils established in each flyway. //