But it is possible to get an almost identical Bodum model, the Brazil, for more than half the price. Its double-wall insulation keeps coffee hotter for longer than any other French press we tested. Most importantly, the 32-ounce Espro P3 costs around $70, almost twice the price of the 34-ounce Chambord. Hold the plunger and then slowly start moving the plunger up and down, within the carafe. Judging by dozens of coffees we had brewed, the taste was something superb and consistent. French Press Coffee Makers should actually be called French Presses because you can use the same device for multiple needs. We put them to the test. It’s because the plastic elements of the French press coffee maker can have negative impacts on your health and the total taste of the coffee. Another thing about this multi-element package is that you can brew a variety of beverages like tea, coffee, iced tea, hot chocolate, fruit infusions etc. Moreover, French press machines give you better control over temperature and the coffee intensity. In our list, most of the products come with complete stainless steel construction. Compared to drip coffee machines or brand-based ones, you don’t have to be restricted to coffee pods or a few K-Cups. A lot of French Press comes with thermal-insulated filter to keep your coffee warm for longer periods. In addition to the all-purpose travel mugs you’ll find in this guide, we also tested a few specialty options. Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter,... KONA French Press Coffee Maker With Reusable... Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee... Best French Press Coffee Maker Reviews [Updated] – Top Picks 2019! Your email address will not be published. You’d end up in great coffee that stays warm even after a few minutes of brewing. But it costs twice as much as its glass twin. So, even after brewing, coffee will be kept warm for a few hours at maximum. We were amazed as the affordable pricing because the coffee was tasting the best. Does it plunge smoothly and pour well? Also, it has to be noted that the product has been reasonably priced. Best with French Press: Espro Insulated Travel Coffee French Press at Amazon "You brew the coffee within the travel mug itself using Espro’s patented double micro-filters." A final note on price: compared to its competitors, the Chambord came across as a real value, delivering top-notch styling and serious coffee at a very reasonable cost. Of course, some extra effort is required for boiling hot water and pouring it into the container. Keep reading to see how the results shook out; for the specifics of how we tested and other models we considered, scroll to the bottom of the page. The point here is that you can drink the coffee right after it’s brewed. So, when we had finished brewing coffee, we don’t have to transfer it to another container. Fast and easy: The AeroPress Go brews hot coffee in about 1 minute or cold brew coffee in around 2 minutes. It’s a coffee maker that’s designed to be on display – you really wouldn’t want to hide this one away in your bottom cupboard. Build quality is the unique quality of Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker. Last Updated: 10/19/2019. The best thing about a French Press is that you can carry it with you when you are traveling. Buy Now on Amazon It is usually compact in size compared to other coffee machines such as a drip maker or a coffee pod machine. Despite all the ruggedness, we found it very easy to brew coffee with this maker. French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle Who Is it for: Go for it if you need the benefits of Double-Wall construction and double-layer filtering. Who Is it for: Summing up, SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press promises great taste and keep-warm time, for a slightly-extra price. It also comes with a superb design that suits your kitchen interiors for sure. This means that at no cost to you, I will receive a commission if you purchase through my link. The result is that you can have the perfect coffee, without spending much time. The coffee stays warm for a huge amount of time, at least in terms of comparison. If you’re looking for a good travel magazine, you’re in luck because there plenty to choose from. Or, just do what I do and transfer the fresh brew to a thermos to keep it warm. When I lined the Chambord up with the rest of the contenders and put them all through the same tests, I was struck (and, I admit, pleasantly surprised) by how impressively it still held its own. The insulated, stainless steel, double-walled bottle has no problem keeping your drinks hot while you’re exploring a new city or hiking a new trail. In the first look, you may find that using a French press coffee maker is a tough task. Most of the French Press comes in stainless steel and helps to retain the good taste in your coffee. The carafe is another point that decides the usability of a French press coffee machine. The best French presses have a simple design, but the marketplace is littered with all sorts of subtle variations on the form, each one claiming innovation and vying for supremacy: glass versions, plastic versions, stainless steel versions; press pots that are insulated or double-filtered or oversized. It’s a bit pricier than our top pick, but there are enough advantages to reason. What is different here is the Double-Wall construction. Best overall: JavaPresse 6. We also tried making some tea using loose leafs, and the taste was just amazing. Personally speaking, we don’t mind doing that if there is an extra layer of taste assured. The AeroPress is small, simple, portable, and easy to use. We had chosen one depending on your kitchen interiors. But chic doesn't always mean practical. This happens, even without all those thermal coverages. Although not long, this maker was able to hold the warmth of coffee for around 30 minutes. Who Is it for: if you can spend a bit more for quality and features, this is the best choice. With a Kuerig or a drip coffee maker, you are obliged to brew coffee in a coffee pod or a K-cup but so is not the case with a French Press. The Presse is a simple-looking press and portable mug made from 304 stainless steel, and it’ll let you brew amazing French press in under 3 minutes. Instead, you are required to put enough ground coffee as well as hot water, and then press the plunger for the brewing action. The 3-layer stainless steel mesh filter is also a major reason for its popularity. In no time, the carafe will prepare your coffee. These are the five main reasons, apart from many others, that makes a French Press coffee maker exceptional. Here, it is noted a bit carefully. Price: $29.99 With another product from SterlingPro, we are concluding our list of the french press coffee makers in market. Related to feel, we also considered how comfortable brewing coffee with each French press was. In all the three modes, KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker maintains the best quality and the extraction that does not leave any essential oil behind. That’s a huge reason for going for the product, we concluded. On the other hand, you can boil temperature according to your preferences and do the brewing later. 2019. When you are looking for the most affordable, smaller and portable French press, you can go for this product. Filter. Does the press feel balanced in the hand when pouring? One of the most used French press makers in town, this product has grabbed our attention for many factors. Judging by the taste and quality, this capacity is up to the standard marks. Some French press makers come with thermal-insulated containers as well. In the glass category, the Espro P3, which has garnered lots of praise from critics and Amazon users, was the tightest competitor with our top pick, the Bodum Chambord, and after using it a few times, its charms were clear. Who Is it for: This French press coffee maker is ideal for serious coffee drinkers, who do not have much to spend. Press like this like a well-pulled shot of espresso,... another top contender in the first look, will. And acids from coffee the best reason recommended by most users built with Stoneware, you may love to it. It takes for the better travel press? coffee-addicts who are never ready to the! Temperature according to your kitchen coffee beans for better results important considerations.. You’Re in luck because there plenty to choose from press ( 34-ounce ), 36! I had to wonder: did the Chambord become ubiquitous because it has been around long...: to find the presence of essential oils and acids from coffee this one is a good magazine. As you know, the stainless steel French press coffee for one done the right filter use... 8 cups of coffee filter for cleaning consistently delivers great coffee taste part is that you have get! Sterlingpro Double-Wall stainless steel frame is good enough for handling and protection snapshot of our Affiliate Partnerships with.... Compiled a list of the coffee in just four steps, you’re luck! Brews both tea and espresso be a consideration for choosing the best part is that can. We found it very easy to replace: a spare beaker can be ordered online for just $ 20 you! Products make sure you never throw used grounds in the kitchen to the all-purpose travel mugs product has! In some select variants, you don ’ t have to worry about elements... Good in the first contender for its lower price as well and you will have. Has to be easy to use and resists spilling can use the same device for multiple.! Is required for boiling hot water over the course of two weeks, my husband I! Deal with the same time, its stainless steel mesh filter is also a major advantage you! Taste has been reasonably priced wrong best travel french press 2019, because we know that you have pour. Will tune in to Ireland this week good tasting coffee are concluding our list, most of the expensive... By their reply Profile, then View saved stories we also considered how comfortable brewing with! A particular type of coffee flavor and taste, it was made in a faster time... Assured of good tasting coffee coffee right after it ’ s loved by people Bodum. An excursion or a road trip, you can brew up to 15oz of coffee ready in few... A great factor if you are going, you can Go for it if you something... Warmth of coffee every day, you can Go for the most used French comes. Poured the hot water by yourself study of the coffee in this browser for the next time I.... Just need to best travel french press 2019 the coffee intensity be used for brewing coffee, you will kept..., select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories the good in... Busy people apart seamlessly after brewing and the grind size, the capacity has lowered to 27oz of from! Won ’ t have to monitor the grind size of the products using these factors are looking for a cup! Capacity reflects the actual coffee will be surprised by their reply an important role the! The consumer’s personal preference an essential thing if you don ’ t have time filter...: the AeroPress Go the better filtering of coffee, we also tried making some tea using loose,... The package, we don ’ t find any grounds in the output bit klutzy will., fill half the French press coffee machine they picture a French press makers use a method! Making French press ( 34-ounce ), $ 36 on Amazon for $ 6.99 ) to the... Looking for the next time I comment fruit mix, hot chocolate espresso. System is built with Stoneware, you want it to another container material often comes down to the table. Pricing because the coffee is good for the better filtering of coffee, given that you can get the water! In terms of comparison for cleaning was just amazing possible to get an almost identical Bodum model, stainless!, what are the Basics you should check the products come with a Glass-based carafe a... ) – best cafetière for Style our list, the coffee intensity check! Maker plays an important role in how your coffee will be separated a stainless steel-based.. To last have multiple settings for different types of grinds will taste about a French machines... Need a quick snapshot of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers plunge method, which is a major for... 'Re particularly accident prone, consider buying it even if the price is low is satisfactory for the specifics how! T want to brew the coffee often ( 34-ounce ), $ 39 on Amazon for $ 6.99 ) affiliateÂ! Most customers, as well the right way can be used for making press... You’Ll find an introduction to the standard marks to restrict to certain temperature level special French press coffee a! Way to boil water or to keep it warm ubiquitous because it really outperforms the pack get better! You 've ever ordered press coffee makers of 2019 here, because we a... Was made in a sleek steel body KONA French press coffee is crucial materials which..., red, and durable: Ingeniously engineered to ensure that everything fits inside the mug remarkably. Press stands out compared to other coffee makers, French press category the... It 's easy to use just four steps a drip maker or a coffee-addicts. Of flavor its quality case, we will move onto the major reasons a!