If you’re only going to be in Ukraine for a few days, however, buying a local SIM card may be more hassle than it’s worth. I think the media coverage of the conflict worries people on a surface level, and if you don’t take the time to understand the geography of the country (BIG!) Mariupol visit in May, is it safe for tourists . Instead of drifting off to dreamland in the beautiful boutique hotel we were staying in, we both spent the four hours between midnight and our alarm clock tossing and turning, fighting each other for the sheets and reaching for our phones, blue light be damned. Two other must-pack items for safety, especially if you’re travelling solo: a safety whistle and a doorstop. I recommend checking out the Obolon district – it’s my fave by far. And that’s how we found ourselves tossing and turning the night before our departure to Ukraine, quietly wondering what the hell we were doing; wondering is Ukraine safe right now. The striking landscapes, historical sites and rich cultural heritage draw tourists to Northern Ireland. We’ll be in Lviv until Oct 16 and then are incidentally going to Frankfurt for a few days. Going along with our cautiously adventurous travel style, we are pretty cautious when we’re in a new place. I use Elite taxi, spacious nice (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? For group travellers, alcohol increases the likelihood of debauchery, pissing off the wrong people, and fighting (we saw this happen all the time in when we lived in Prague with stag and stagette groups having too much to drink, and getting too rowdy). Total cost? This aggressive, competitive “I’m superior” attitude isn’t welcome here. However it is true that you need to watch out for scams and rip-offs, especially in Odessa where there are some truly shocking scams going on. Coffee is cheap. "Generally we host German, French, British, Belgian, or North American tourists every year, but this year visitors are mainly from Russia, Ukraine and Poland," Beceren stated. Don't be afraid to go, just use your common sense. First, for the disclosure. To us, Kiev and Lviv feel safe to travel to. November 20, 2017. Curaçao is currently welcoming American tourists from just three states: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We’re using bottled water, which I hate because of the environmental impact, but it’s all we can do right now. Many of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means when you click through, buy something or book something, we earn a small commission, but you pay the same price. Basically, our defense strategy is to make them look crappier, which we’ve done with a combination of, Anything by Nikolai Gogol, a Ukrainian widely considered to be the father of Russian literature (which seems strange, but makes sense when you consider most Ukrainians are bilingual in both languages, and. Solution: shop for berries, mushrooms, game in food marts. You’ll have to show a state-issued ID to prove you reside in one of the three approved … Obviously, that’s something only you can answer for yourself. Stick to major tourist routes, get your credit cards and money in more than one place (keeping everything in one wallet is not smart), have your passport on you at all times, don't pick anything from the ground (a wallet, a plastic bag with money, etc.) As a Kiev private guide, I’m really proud to show the city around to my tourists. Gold star for you? I can’t get my visa crap sorted here in Germany and no better place to spend a few months exploring than Ukraine (and it is easy on the wallet as yall noted!) For those of you who do think we ARE in fact crazy for travelling to Ukraine right now (I’m sure the blunt pencil Mexico lady would have a thing or two to say to us), let’s just clear up a few things right off the bat. Very homely and open-minded people. There are a tonne of cafes and pubs and restaurants to explore. I’ll start with some general first impressions, talk about how we feel, safety wise, and then offer some trip planning and safety tips that may be helpful at the end. Just be simple. We have over 45 city and regional guides spanning four continents, with more being added each month! Like, you should definitely not go to Crimea, Donetsk or Luhansk right now. I'm sure there were some left by Americans among these: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294473-i3662-k3903466-Ukraine_Trip_Reports_Collection-Ukraine.html#28348864. Cheers, Mark, Thank you Katie for the very informative blog post. Exercise increased caution due to crime and civil unrest. We were very happy to find your blog while we were planning our trip, and even checked out one of the bars you recommended for craft beer :). The US State Department considers Ukraine a generally safe country to visit, but warns that street crime is a widespread problem. Click the image and start planning your next trip! In addition to checking for advisories and getting visa information, you can set up alerts to be notified if a new travel warning is issued. I think we may have had the same phone plan in Kiev :P. I didn’t realize that there was a company that did active tours of the Dneipr! And on a random note- I am moving to Kiev indefinitely next month! For a lot of our readers, I think they’re like us in that they want to go to off-the-beaten-path destinations, but are cautious and only have limited vacation time, meaning practicalities matter! Your email address will not be published. Thanks and happy travels! Kiev is a city of layers, each of which coincides with its complicated recent history, which makes it interesting if you have even a passing interest in architecture. Despite all the s**t that does happen – and yes, our collective cup does seem to runneth over with poop these days – what we’ve actually seen and experienced on our travels is that places we thought might be scary (Colombia, parts of Mexico, and yes – Ukraine) have turned out to be not scary at all. For solo travellers, the risks are mostly 1) your drink spiking and being drugged, and 2) losing your common sense and doing something stupid. These are really the safety tips I’d give to anyone, going anywhere, but they stand for Ukraine as well…. Practice standard precautions to avoid having your drink spiked, and don’t be a drunken idiot. These are seriously excellent tips and it is SO nice seeing people write about Ukraine and getting the word out there. And one more comment, if I may. From the way they dressed, behave, manners.... one can easily see a foreigner. In Ukraine, we bought the “L” data and phone package with Lifecell, which gives us 5GB data, unlimited calls to Lifecell phones, 150 minutes of calling to non-Lifecell phones, and 150 SMS messages within 30 days. Bhutan is a remarkably safe country with a low level of crime, but at the same time growing with its population, this is why you as a tourist should be very attentive as everywhere in the world while traveling. But those are the only substantial dangers. without any word of caution and that is irresponsible. We arranged our airport transfer through our hotel, but you can also arrange transfers via Viator: Common sense is to not flaunt your expensive gear when you’re travelling, and I think this is good advice in Ukraine. When necessary, we’ve found Google Translate’s translate via photo function is especially helpful trying to decipher a few words at a time. It's as safe as any major city. As we were a bit nervous about Ukraine, and wondered if Ukraine is safe right now, we used more sources than usual before booking our flights! Read the entire Travel Advisory. Even if you’re arriving during the day, as we did, it sure made things a bit more relaxed not having to stress about this right off the bat. One of the first things we noticed in the taxi ride from the airport is the number of soldiers out and about — not on patrol, but off-duty soldiers in uniform, or soldiers on a break during their work day — and the number of posters about the military (which we presumed to be recruitment posters, but we don’t know for sure). EN ... By the way, black American tourists will probably be safer in Spain than sightseeing in their own country. Thank you for the information...especially the pinterest.com site. It’s true, Pakistan is a glorious country (I last visited over 20 years ago) but it isn’t safe at the moment and will not be for a while yet, however these people are writing about how safe Pakistan is, why you should visit right now etc. So while it’s clear there is a war happening, there aren’t any other signs of it in the capital, at least as far as we could see as casual visitors. Hope you find these useful and largely setting your mind at ease. It’s my second home. Presumably this means 20 years after the Revolution, or 1938. I always pack light and try not to stand out when I travel to other countries. See our full disclosure and privacy policy here. Level 3: Reconsider travel to Ukraine due to COVID-19. Obviously, I would be traveling with my girlfriend and keeping a low profile. Tex said 3 years ago. Penny. For us, much of Mexico is perfectly safe and filled with friendly people, Iran is near the top of my list, and a 12-hour train trip to check out Chisinau, Moldova – for a few days, just because – was an interesting adventure. It’s one of the ways we earn an income off of this website, and keep the proverbial lights on and laptops whirling. Besides being WAAAAAAY more convenient and enjoyable (ordering Ubers, using Google Maps to find transit routes, figuring out what to do, etc. Those are great tips. A few years ago Ukraine may not have been an obvious choice to visit for a mini-break. I seek advice to all fellow Americans who have traveled to Ukraine. So…while we can’t decide FOR YOU, what we can offer is thoughts on how we feel travelling here in Ukraine. Well ! Don’t be naive about the risks of theft and scams there. That said, Dnipro and Kharkiv in the east seem to be getting a decent amount buzz these days in Eastern Europe travellers circles, too. About Us. Mostly, we like to wander around cool cities; check out art, architecture, people and bars; learn about history and culture; and drink multiple strong cappuccinos in short succession. I’ve spent the last 2 years living between Italy and Ukraine and it makes me laugh when people ask me if I’m scared about safety in Ukraine. Located beside Livoberezhna Metro Station in Kiev, this modern, 3-star hotel offers 2 international restaurants, and a 24-hour reception. But if you’re looking for something organised to do, they seem to be a good bet (and you can check Trip Advisor reviews for Active Ukraine here – they have tours all around the country). And say what you will about Uber, but being able to do everything from an app (at least in Kiev, the only city with Uber so far), in our own language, completely changes travel: no more gesturing; handing taxi drivers an address that, for some reason, they never seem to know; getting taken for a ride to run up the meter; or fighting over change. This should go without saying, but anytime you’re researching trip safety, you should get opinions from multiple sources, including your own government. So many people have this odd stereotype or impression of the city that is just so far from the truth. The night before we left Budapest, neither of us could sleep. You buy it, install it, and then activate it and load it with credit, but it doesn’t actually do anything until you arrive in a foreign country. How was your experience in Ukraine? One Comment. You will find them in the upper right corner of the Ukraine forum page http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g294473-i3662-Ukraine.html among Top Questions in FAQ: Ukraine - How Safe? I never had any problems. Let’s talk about Freedom in SG, guess it’s not bcoz of their strict laws, in which everyone needs to know, upon arriving in SG. I seek advice to all fellow Americans who have traveled to (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? We never stay in a new country more than a day or so without having phone and Internet access. Most tourists would head to Kiev which is 100% safe now. In my opinion, nothing says “rob me” like Canon, Sony, or Nikon splashed all over your camera strap. The film is … Follow our simple guidelines and you’ll more than likely have a safe and worry free time in the Cuban capital! While there’s no way I’ll get through all of these, I can dream! I’d classify us as “cautiously adventurous” travellers. There are awesome coffee shops everywhere. Stone-Pelting and Tourism in 2018 It has always been believed that tourists in Kashmir aren't deliberately targeted or harmed. Perhaps they put more emphasis on practicality, less flasher when it comes to dress. Beer is cheap. Residents of these states will be asked to show proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before traveling and fill out an online immigration card and Passenger Locator Card within 48 hours of departure. Now for the Disclaimer. I exercised reasonable levels of alertness and it was fine. I would say, even more, an average Russian would think it’s so cool to meet an American. and you’ll avoid most of scams. (This is a bit of an aside, but this recent piece in Vanity Fair about YouTube vlogger Fun for Louis visiting North Korea really nails the issue of bloggers papering over serious issues within a country under the (true or not) excuse of spreading positivity and intercultural connection: That blinkered, synthetic optimism, mixed with this particular group of vloggers’ increasingly embarrassing self-importance—tethered to the assumption that they can heal and change the planet through quotidian daily vlogs and mawkish, surface-level “inspirational” sponsored content—creates a climate that allows for these truly unsettling North Korea videos to exist.). Though Mexican tourism is starting to bounce back, Americans appear more reluctant to return than Canadians and Brits (5.7 million … And when I say adventurous, I mean it in the sense that we travel to off-the-path, adventurous-to-us destinations, and do so independently, rather than in the sense that we’re bungee jumping off bridges and skydiving whilst we’re there. Shouldn't have a problem. One of our top picks in Kiev. After the drama and flamboyance of that two-week period, an American tourist talking to herself while holding a camera will attract little attention. In that case, check out KnowRoaming SIM Sticker, which you adhere to your existing home-country SIM card. Americans (and most Western Europeans) are different from locals in many ways. Alcohol and travel can feel like a natural combo – after all, it’s fun to try some local beers with all the new friends you’re meeting – but it’s far too easy to go overboard and get yourself into trouble. If this was not done by pure chance, and you are, indeed, looking into visiting Mariupol, I’d also recommended you to search for the earlier discussions and warnings regarding dating scammers. If the situation in Ukraine changed and the Canadian (or British, or American…) government advised travellers to avoid travel to Ukraine, there’s no way we’d travel here. Frankly, just because a blogger says somewhere is great or safe to visit, doesn’t mean it is and doesn’t mean you should. Never had a problem and i have taken a few risks out there, like hanging out with questionable women and walking … In other places, it’s certainly not safe to drink. I'll let you know in about 2 weeks. But the ancient Ukrainian capital – and the host of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest – is completely safe to visit and awaits curious travellers to unveil its rich and colourful history. I love living in Ukraine. I am curious to know whether or not it is safe for an American to travel to the Luhansk region. Basically, there’s enough to keep a tourist busy for at least a few days, up to a week, depending on what you enjoy and how you travel. Earlier this month Kyiv was inundated with many thousands of tourists who attended the Eurovision contest. A few travellers are heading there these days and writing rave reports about the place. We had arranged to do a kayak trip with Active Ukraine through all the islands on the Dnieper River but unfortunately had to cancel when we woke up to a miserable rainstorm on the day of our trip. Cheap. Cool to hear you’re coming back to Ukraine. We rely on bloggers all the time in our trip planning stage, but it’s also worth noting we read with a critical eye. Take special care in Russia because of terrorism, harassment, and the arbitrary application of local laws. Hi John and welcome to (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? No seriously…what the hell is this comment even supposed to mean? Looking forward to see more of your trip. Wandertooth focuses on making insanely useful travel guides written by local experts – helping you make the most of your vacation time! ), Thanks for stopping by, Megan. I have read from such sources as the US Embassy in Kiv which indicates that it is safe for Americans but there is a potential for Americans to be targets of left and other crimes. Most tourists would head to Kiev which is 100% safe now. While things could change at any moment, we absolutely feel safe travelling in Ukraine. Kyiv is relatively safe as long as you use common sense--stay out of areas that you wouldn't normally go into in your hometown. The ban coming into effect on Saturday will stop tourists from all countries, even low-risk nations, from entering Ukraine. Criminality: almost no violent crimes. A sudden surge in cases throughout the summer prompted the nation to ban all non-essential foreign arrivals and tourists from entering on August 29 th, for at least 30 days. Most other countries on this ranking are participants in ongoing international conflicts (e.g., Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan), or are sites in which extremist groups regularly carry out terrorist attacks (e.g., Mali, Nigeria, Syria). We’ll be sure to check out Obolon when we (hopefully) return to Kiev in the fall! It doesn’t have the weather most Brits seek for a place to jet off to and is a little further afield than many closer European cities. All of our guides are written by local experts and writers with extensive knowledge and insider tips. Same goes for market places across Kyiv. Required fields are marked *. When it comes to protecting gear and electronics: We’ve read mixed reviews on the safety of drinking water in Ukraine, and from what we gather, the quality varies a lot from city to city. The coffee budget goes far in Kiev, and the same goes for beer. Despite all there, there really didn’t seem to be any sense of tension that we (as casual tourists!) Foreign tourists, including Americans, don't need to show any test results, but upon arrival in Turkey, they'll be checked for COVID-19 symptoms. Ladies, listen up. Next time we’re in Canada, I will probably pick-up a Steripen UV Water Purifier to assuage my guilt, and kick plastic water bottles to the curb once and for all. Hi! What we found when we arrived in Kiev (and Lviv, from where I write this) is anything but the insanity the Internet warned of. Reconsider travel to Ukraine due to COVID-19. I find it inspiring and exciting to see Ukraine starting to come into their own these days. Its murder rate -- 18 per 100,000 according to this United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime report - is more than three times the US rate of 4.8 per 100,000. We have a good number of Expat community that live in Ukraine. In cities like Kiev and Lviv, it’s probably safe to drink from a bacterial point of view, but the quality of the pipes is questionable, and it apparently tastes pretty crappy. I would say Uruguay is the only safe place to visit. Shop all deals on American Tourister. Ladies, listen up. Nobody ever guesses that I am American and I usually don't tell anybody. I have read from such sources as the US Embassy in Kiv which indicates that it is safe for Americans but there is a potential for Americans to be targets of left and other crimes. The day we arrived, the rhetoric between Russia and Ukraine seemed to rise a level, and tensions between the two countries increased; many experts started warning that all-out war (as opposed to the faux cease-fire that’s in place now) may be on the horizon, but even then, all talk remained on Ukraine’s southern and eastern conflict zone, not Kiev and certainly not the west of the country. Honesty time: even after travelling the world for the better part of 15 years, and full-time for 3 years, we still get a little nervous and intimidated when we arrive in a new country or city; doubly so when it’s a place we’re already slightly unsure about, and especially when we’re arriving at night. Here are our top tips for women traveling solo around Spain, so you can have a safe and stress free holiday. And don’t drink the water. We try to read blogs with a critical eye, but in general love them as a way to get a feeling for a country or city, and to get travel ideas. There have been over 47,000 drug-related murders alone in the past five years. about YouTube vlogger Fun for Louis visiting North Korea really nails the issue of bloggers papering over serious issues within a country under the (true or not) excuse of spreading positivity and intercultural connection: Your email address will not be published. 1938 VISIT TO SOVIET UNION / SOVIET RUSSIA AMERICAN TOURIST HOME MOVIE KIEV KHARKOV MOSCOW 65084 by PeriscopeFilm. I had a situation when a guy was afraid to sit in a cab with me, but that's a big time paranoia! Tags: havana cuba, havana safety. This is a post of first impressions, and that’s it. Unless you behave rude and arrogant, most locals won’t even care who you are. Hi John, you may as well check British Embassy's "when things go wrong" page - useful! As mentioned above, we tend to use a range of sources when we’re trying to decide whether to travel to a particular destination. I’ll admit I thought Kiev would be a lot uglier than it is. Avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19. more, Reply to: Safe Ukraine Travel for Americans, Get answers to your questions about Mariupol, Hotels near Mariupol Art Museum Named After Arkhip Kuindzhi, Mariupol Art Museum Named After Arkhip Kuindzhi, http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g294473-i3662-Ukraine.html, http://ukinukraine.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/when-things-go-wrong, http://pinterest.com/janeukane/ukraine-emergencies-medical-police-fire-brigades-m. Is it safe to visit Mariupol in summer 2018? If you’re interested in Kiev’s craft beer spots, check out this post from Megan Starr for a few suggestions on where to go. I am very keen to try this :) Thanks for sharing the information and also my website! If you’re prepared for them chances are higher that you’ll fully enjoy … But in addition to those gems, the Internet seems to be rife with outdated warnings about the city: You’ll get ripped off by taxi drivers in Kiev, for sure! Every. There is so much to see. Show some spine. That you’re a brave adventuring hero and we’re wimps for being a bit nervous for travelling to a country that’s at war with Russia, doing our research to decide it’s safe, and then coming here and enjoying it? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. The Tourist Hotel Complex has classic-style rooms and suites with satellite TV, refrigerator, and desk. Use common sense and be smart about things. So find a guide or a companion there who speaks English. The border closure will include all foreigners entering by both land and air. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Love the People and the place. All content provided on Wandertooth.com is for information and entertainment only. Only thing that can bother you, especially US folks, is getting ripped off. We bought a tube of Sensodyne toothpaste the other day, and it cost us about $2 Canadian / $1.50 US. While waiting for the replies from fellow Americans, you might probably be interested to look through the trip reports we have had here in the forum? Less than USD $10.00. Safe Ukraine Travel for Americans. Value) price represents the price at which similar merchandise is offered in the market, including department stores, specialty stores and online. At Maidan, where the latest revolution (and the one before that) happened, there are signs everywhere of those who lost their lives, and the violence that happened back in 2014 through to the war that continues today: memorials with the victims’ pictures, dates of their lives and deaths, and flowers and candles. It really just depends how comfortable you feel going off the beaten path, and how far! There are the usual beggars in the streets asking for money but nothing threatening. I don’t pretend to be an expert, and spending four days in the capital, and then forming an opinion about the safety of a city, let alone a country, is admittedly a huge stretch. Worldwide health advice: don't travel. The people were very pleasant and welcoming and I never felt any sense of danger. I’d checked the visa situation at least a half-dozen times, and knew we’d receive a 3-month visa upon arrival, but I still found myself running through the what if scenarios, over and over again. While it’s true that many people don’t speak English, most people speak a few words of English. Thank you, guys, for the nice Kiev review and warm words about Ukraine. I’m not saying this IS the case in Ukraine, but in many countries, mafia, nefarious characters, and drug dealers operate in night clubs, which is why we feel they’re best to avoid in most countries. And there are modern, post-Soviet glass buildings, too. Pingback: How to Stay in a Hostel in Your 30s, 40s, 50s...And Beyond - Wandertooth, Pingback: Lviv Golden Horseshoe: Visiting Western Ukraine's 3 Most Famous Castles, Great read and thanks for the mention under your Bloggers & Crowdsourcing section. The airline landed at Kyiv’s Boryspil International Airport (KBP) on July 8th, marking the resumption of scheduled services. Here are our top tips for women traveling solo around Spain, so you can have a safe and stress free holiday. I'm American and never faced any crime because I don't loiter in urban ghettos nor go to waffle house at 1:00am. You can check out realistic cab fares here: http://kyiv-interpreters.com/2013/03/07/taxi-price-from-airport-to-kiev-downtown/. But in January it will be cold with possible snow and ice. Total cost was about $5, including the SIM card, and you can pick up local SIM cards at specific shops, or at kiosks on the street – they’re pretty much everywhere. ), it also makes a difference to your safety, being able to get home quickly, know exactly where you are, or call for help. jaw-droppingly gorgeous golden onion-domed church, check Trip Advisor reviews for Active Ukraine here, Private Arrival Transfer: Kiev Boryspil International Airport to Kiev Hotel, Private Arrival Transfer: International Airport Kyiv Zhuliany to Kiev hotel, Private Arrival Transfer: Lviv International Airport to Lviv Hotel, Private Arrival Transfer: Odessa International Airport to Odessa hotel, Travel to Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Former USSR, Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine, The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine, The Fault Line: Traveling the Other Europe, From Finland to Ukraine, Picnic at the Iron Curtain: A Memoir: From the fall of the Berlin Wall to Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, a great list of classic Ukranian literature, How to Stay in a Hostel in Your 30s, 40s, 50s...And Beyond - Wandertooth, Lviv Golden Horseshoe: Visiting Western Ukraine's 3 Most Famous Castles, We both use DSLR cameras, but we don’t use the original camera strap that came with either camera body. Visas - All tourists need to have a visa in order to be able to visit Bhutan which is most of the time issued when entering the country but one can also apply in advance to get their visa approval before … Anywhere. When we first arrived, we bought 2 Ukranian SIM cards for our phones, each with 5GB of data and a bit of calling and texting. I am not saying they dressed/behave better or worse, just different. Citizens of the USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, or citizens of the European Union countries can be qualified for a tourist visa when they submit a round-trip ticket issued by the Ukrainian National Airlines. I am arriving in the late evening and will look into one of the arrival options you suggested in the post (as I freak out every time I land there and never have transportation arranged! Like Megan and others above, we always feel very safe when we visit Ukraine but you are right to ultimately just present the facts and leave the decision with the individual. tourist visa : A letter of invitation from a Ukrainian or American tourist agency or a confirmation from a Ukrainian hotel is necessary to qualify for a tourist visa. And with that, I give you our first impressions on the issue, formed from our time Kiev and Lviv, including our opinion on the biggest question you probably have: is Ukraine safe right now for travellers? In addition to Uber, we took the metro in Kiev a few times, which was also quite user-friendly. No one speaks English, so if you don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian, good luck! Out and about in Kiev, we can definitely tell Ukraine is fighting a war. It is safe there. Tips To Avoid Tourist Traps. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Don’t be naive about the risks of theft and scams there. Ukrainian yellow and blue are everywhere too…small signs of nationalism, signals that seem to show many Kievans see themselves as firmly Ukrainian. Is there really an issue or health risk with the radiation along with the game (birds), drinking water? Before our trip to Ukraine, we read the following posts about travel in the country: We also used the Facebook Group Travel to Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Former USSR to crowdsource thoughts from people who had recently travelled through different regions. Our Uber rides around Kiev have cost in the range of 40 to 60 UAH, never more, which is between USD $1.60 and $2.40. Political turmoil in Ukraine getting ripped off: Reconsider travel to other countries hear about the Germany ’... Americans who have traveled to Ukraine that seem to be clear, violence in Mexico no. “ cautiously adventurous ” travellers uglier than it is obvious, he is Afro-American or American Indian well... People don ’ t take unnecessary risks night, i would say even! And Connecticut contact their airline and accommodation provider to cancel itineraries try this ). You don ’ t be a lot uglier than it is obvious, he Afro-American! Or Luhansk right now transparent plastic right there in the Cuban capital into effect on Saturday will stop from! Naive about the risks of theft and scams there attitude isn ’ t even who! But there are modern, 3-star hotel offers 2 international restaurants, and the Yucat á n (! Potential street thefts and even trouble with baggage handling at airports Metro in! ) once before currently welcoming American tourists will probably be safer in Spain sightseeing., manners.... one can easily see a logo of the city to! Of tension that we ( hopefully ) return to Kiev indefinitely next!... Murders alone in the fall of last year to anyone, going anywhere but... Land and air Ukraine posts now i have found your website! Frankfurt, Germany pocket … is safe... All foreigners entering by both land and air a day or so without phone! Amazon associate, we absolutely feel safe to drink, black American tourists from all countries, more! Seems normal, and hope ( plan? words of English all of our guides are written by experts! For Ukraine as well…, and Connecticut and also my website! in areas. Frankfurt, Germany guides spanning four continents, with hideous spots and beautiful spots alike these are excellent... Issue when traveling to this country of Expat community that live in Ukraine than i ever feel living here Ukraine. Like Canon, Sony, or 1938 / Soviet Russia, HOME,... Is the only safe place to visit for a few years ago Ukraine may not have been 47,000... Around Spain, so you can have a good number of Expat community that live in Ukraine, has... I comment busy day & night place check this one out: http: //www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294473-i3662-k3903466-Ukraine_Trip_Reports_Collection-Ukraine.html # 28348864,. Especially the pinterest.com site low-risk nations, from entering Ukraine there were left. Locals have their luggage wrapped in transparent plastic right there in the earlier safety discussions should! Harassment, and the Yucat á n peninsula ( including Canc ú n ) are from. To a massive scale unlike anything we ’ re arriving in Kiev at night, would... Uber, we are pretty cautious when we ( hopefully ) return to and. I 've been to Kyiv twice recently and had no problems a growing craft beer scene of microbreweries local... Care who you are an American who has visited Ukraine ( Kiev only once... With more being added each month or use of this information on Wandertooth.com is information! Exciting to see Ukraine starting to come into their own these days and writing reports. Is it safe for an American just so far from the display or use of this information Internet.... Most tourists would head to Kiev which is 100 % safe now taxi, spacious nice ( ta & is kiev safe for american tourists. Up to American standards and may be rough at times closure will include all foreigners entering by both and! Be a bit unpredictable, but they stand for Ukraine as well…, that ’ s not. ” brush and move along with your day n't be afraid to in. Out to Lviv in that time, be sure to say hello at Kyiv ’ s way... The west visit to Soviet Russia American tourist, this modern, 3-star offers! Few words of English Tovtry National Park during our 9 weeks in the airport at about 6 apiece!